Dirt, From the Ground Up

For most of us, winter has officially taken hold of the garden.  If you are like me, you occasionally sit by the window on frosty mornings peering out at seemingly empty spaces. Thoughts and daydreams fill the mind: sprawling vines, towering sunflowers, baskets of fresh picked fruits and veggies, waves of colorful flowers enhanced by fluttering butterflies, birds and bees. You comb over seed catalogs, draft planning designs,
determined to make a showing that would leave Martha Stewart without words.  Now just for a moment, let’s put those catalogs and plans aside.  Go back to the window and look.  What do you see?  A blanket of snow?  Remaining mulch from the year that has gone by?  Or just bare dirt?  If you gaze upon the latter, this article is especially for you.

A lot of people see dirt as just that: “dirt”. In my fifteen years of working as a professional gardener, I’ve found the least understood aspect of my clients’ gardens to be the ground below their feet. The earthen ground seems benign and indestructible to many people.   If you’re looking out the window at cleanly raked, bare soil this winter, then you are likely doing the land a disservice.  If you want to make those dreams of garden grandeur come true, then this year: start from the ground up.
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Mother Nature’s Grocery Store: A PRHr’s Guide to Getting Started in the Meat Department – Part 1: Getting Set Up

There are many benefits to hunting, most importantly, having fresh, free range meat on hand. Many homesteaders raise livestock for eggs, meat, and craft materials. Taking to the woods can supplement this supply with a variety of healthy and tasty table fare. This is even more important for the homesteader who doesn’t have enough land, or can’t raise livestock due to zoning regulations, and relies only on a grocery store for their meat.

In most states, getting started involves taking a hunter’s safety course and obtaining your hunting license. These are normally free, and only take up a weekend of your time. You can find out when and where these courses take place, by contacting your state’s game commission. After that, it’s a matter of deciding what you want to hunt and getting some appropriate gear.
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The first ever punk rock fly fishing film

Recently a PRH’r named Kari alerted us to an awesome fly fishing film called “Reverb” which features the Chicago based punk band PEGBOY. “Reverb” is to the best of my knowledge the first film to ever incorporate punk rock and fly fishing and while I haven’t seen it yet myself, I’m told that it’s excellent. The film can be purchased as part of a compilation at Third Year Fly Fisher and you can check out the trailer for “Reverb” below.
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