Burpee Releases First Ever Sweet Corn for Containers

The newest addition to Burpee’s already rather extensive corn selection is the “On Deck Hybrid” and it’s the first ever container ready sweet corn. It’s bi-color, 4-5′ tall, matures in 61-63 days and produces two to three 7-8″ long ears per stalk. This is perfect for people who’d like to have fresh, homegrown sweet corn but don’t have the space to plant long rows of corn. You can get your hands on some seeds from Burpee.

Mother Nature’s Grocery Store: Part 2

Continued from Mother Nature’s Grocery Store: A PRHr’s Guide to Getting Started in the Meat Department – Part 1: Getting Set Up

Once you’ve outfitted yourself with the proper tackle for a day afield, it’s time to start putting some game in the bag. On the hunts eve, anticipation builds as gear is stowed away. The sights, sounds, and smells of a crisp fall morning enter the mind. A trace of wood smoke from a distant cabin hangs in the autumn air, while songbirds salute the appearance of the sun, breaking the morning’s silence.  The leaves of the hardwoods lit ablaze, as the forest prepares for its long slumber. Flocks of Canada geese fly overhead, making their journey to the warm southern wetlands as you walk the fields and hedgerows.

This sounds a hell of a lot better than a trip to the grocery store, doesn’t it? Now before we proceed, I hope everyone has heeded my recent advice, and spent a bit of time getting familiar with their new shotgun, and looked over regulations books thoroughly. Safety in the field is extremely important, so I will continue to harp on you like a portly, bearded, overprotective mother. Now we can get started.
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