Woolley Mammoth: Part Two

     In Part 1 of our profile of the Woolley Mammoth community, we discussed how folks come to live in intentional communities and how the Woolley Mammoth community is evolving. We continue our discussion about individual roles and decision-making at Woolley.

PRH:  What is expected of a person to live at Woolley?

Corianne: Our main expectations are for people to be open to learning and unlearning, be honest and practice the concept of leaving a place better when you leave it than when you found it and, to be a good fit in our pretty mellow, yet sometimes busy home.
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Woolley Mammoth: Part One

     In the interest of showing that there are many roads to your homesteading or farming dream, we’re profiling folks who are living the life and learning the lessons.  If we can give enough examples, maybe something will inspire or help you along.

     This time, we meet with members of Woolley Mammoth, an intentional community in Washington.

–Mike (PRH)

The McMansion is the status symbol of choice for most aspiring 1 Percenters. Monstrous homes, thrown up in a hurry with a mixture of stone, brick, cheap labor, and pine, they’ve come to encapsulate all the excess of the early 21st century. Home movie theaters, gigantic kitchens where no one cooks, bedroom suites for toddlers, swimming pools, and his/hers bathrooms and showers with an array of nozzles to hit every crevice you forgot you had. All on a quarter acre lot in a subdivision filled with more McMansions. Communities that say, “We made it. We are free (ahem),” from behind the security of an electronic gate.
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“I Remember” interview with Will Allen of Growing Power (Video)

Will Allen, the Founder/CEO of Growing Power, Inc. is interviewed by Host Jim Peck. Growing Power evolved from a simple urban farm in 1993 to a global model for sustainable food production. Allen discusses the importance of equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food and his experience being nominated for the White House garden project. Allen is a 2008 MacArthur Fellow

Mildred J. Loomis interview from “Anarchism in America” (Video)

Mildred J. Loomis, aka “the Grandmother of the Counter Culture” discusses the homesteading movement and her association with School of Living founder Ralph Borsodi. Loomis and Borsodi both devoted their lives to the promotion of homesteading, decentralism and the Henry George movement.

This interview appears in the documentary “Anarchism in America” by Pacific Street Films, it’s available for purchase here: http://www.akpress.org/anarchisminamericaakpress.html