Attracting back-yard Birds, gets you friends with benefits.

Seeding, fertilizing, pest and weed control, have you got a list of garden chores ahead of you in the coming year a mile long (and it’s still not even spring yet). If you think work’s “for the birds” well maybe you could make it just that. This year invite some songbirds into the yard and spend more time enjoying your time by getting some “friends with benefits”.

See birds are diligent workers in one way or another and different birds do different things diligently. This can sometimes be used to the gardeners advantage. For instance Continue reading

Burpee Releases First Ever Sweet Corn for Containers

The newest addition to Burpee’s already rather extensive corn selection is the “On Deck Hybrid” and it’s the first ever container ready sweet corn. It’s bi-color, 4-5′ tall, matures in 61-63 days and produces two to three 7-8″ long ears per stalk. This is perfect for people who’d like to have fresh, homegrown sweet corn but don’t have the space to plant long rows of corn. You can get your hands on some seeds from Burpee.

Dirt, From the Ground Up

For most of us, winter has officially taken hold of the garden.  If you are like me, you occasionally sit by the window on frosty mornings peering out at seemingly empty spaces. Thoughts and daydreams fill the mind: sprawling vines, towering sunflowers, baskets of fresh picked fruits and veggies, waves of colorful flowers enhanced by fluttering butterflies, birds and bees. You comb over seed catalogs, draft planning designs,
determined to make a showing that would leave Martha Stewart without words.  Now just for a moment, let’s put those catalogs and plans aside.  Go back to the window and look.  What do you see?  A blanket of snow?  Remaining mulch from the year that has gone by?  Or just bare dirt?  If you gaze upon the latter, this article is especially for you.

A lot of people see dirt as just that: “dirt”. In my fifteen years of working as a professional gardener, I’ve found the least understood aspect of my clients’ gardens to be the ground below their feet. The earthen ground seems benign and indestructible to many people.   If you’re looking out the window at cleanly raked, bare soil this winter, then you are likely doing the land a disservice.  If you want to make those dreams of garden grandeur come true, then this year: start from the ground up.
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