Burpee Releases First Ever Sweet Corn for Containers

The newest addition to Burpee’s already rather extensive corn selection is the “On Deck Hybrid” and it’s the first ever container ready sweet corn. It’s bi-color, 4-5′ tall, matures in 61-63 days and produces two to three 7-8″ long ears per stalk. This is perfect for people who’d like to have fresh, homegrown sweet corn but don’t have the space to plant long rows of corn. You can get your hands on some seeds from Burpee.

20 thoughts on “Burpee Releases First Ever Sweet Corn for Containers

  1. But is it GMO? I think just about all of Burpee’s stuff is. Just discovered this blog. Haven’t yet read far enough in to know if you’re pro- or anti-GMO.

  2. there is nothing wrong with GMO. i am studying plant and soil science in college and as a student in this field my opinion after all the studies conducted and professional opinions from researchers that I have studied and read about. The FDA honestly would never allow the agricultural industry to sell a product that is unsafe for human consumption. They are very strict on agricultural standards in order to insure safety for consumers. GMO is used to support the modern farmer. Large urban communities are forcing many farmers to sell much of their land. Prices in the economy are rising making it more diffcult for the modern farmer to survive on their profits. Farmers do not have an easy task trying to produce for so many people on so little land.

      • Not everyone who sees no issue with GMO is a Monsanto shill… I don’t see anything wrong with GMO, and I’m just an IT guy who does urban farming.

        Whatever makes it easier to grow food locally, I’m for!

        • If a BT gene is spliced into the corn that makes a corn borer’s stomach explode as well as the stomach of any other bug or worm or moth or butterfly that feeds on it, then well that kind of scares me. Perhaps things like that are also responsible for killing the bee. Canadian scientist are saying that the BT passes to the human gut and therefore many gastrointestinal diseases and allergies are on the rise because of this. The Creator made plants like they are for a reason. I do not like Monsanto being God. It is one thing that corporations are deemed people but they shouldn’t be deemed God.

        • Then please grow with unadulterated seed and don’t expose your neighbors plants to it. Just because it’s available doesn’t make it right or good.

    • Are you serious? The more our food sources are modified the less they resemble what was intended. Feed the masses? How about the masses grow gardens just as they have in the past. No land? I have an acre but I’ve been growing bucket gardens for several seasons now. There are many additives, etc. that have been deemed safe originally but down the road we find that they’re not. Don’t support gmo food.

  3. Yeah Sara, what billy said. As for the corn you need enough of it to pollinate, generally a 6′ x 6′ space. Seems a little ridiculous to me.

  4. Jason, not necessarily. You can plant smaller spaces if you crowd it together. I’ve seen tires used for planting corn, it seemed to work well as long as you pack them in.

  5. Just stumbled onto your site!
    We ordered a HUUUUGE mass of different seeds from Burpee as well as many seeds from a local seed company (both no GMO), and are planning on planting these On the Deck hybrid soon!
    This weekend, my husband is starting all the seeds inside our garage growing room, and this weekend we will be squaring out the raised beds and adding some new soil and compost in prep to plant the seedlings in the next few weeks.
    Disclaimer: we live in NorCal, and its been 70-75 all week, should rain next, but we are not anticipating any cold temperatures anytime soon!

  6. So excited to try the new hybrid corn “On the Deck.” Have never had the space in my small backyard with the 3 raised planters occupied by tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants, but I can use containers on my sunny concrete terrace. Because of the small quantity in containers, I do plan to hand pollinate the corn silks as soon as they appear. Nothing more disappointing than nurturing corn only to harvest half empty ears.

  7. Sarah your poor soul. The FDA is a completely self funded profitable branch of government. Where does this money come from? They would never sell anything they couldn’t make money on and ensure future profits treating the problems they cause later.

  8. The FDA: The same people who feel that it is ok for farmers to fatten their cows up with concrete. Oh yeah, and to inject them with all kinds of hormones and antibiotics too….. I could go on and on…….

  9. Don’t bother with this hybrid. Look at all the horrible reviews. Germination sucks on this corn. I got about 25 percent. Little irritated with burpee that their response seems to be to people that they can’t plant in ground below 65 degrees and that its sensitive to overwatering even though their description says 55 & makes no mention to its water “sensitivity”. They need to try again.

  10. I’m growing a dozen stalks in a 40 gallon stock watering tank. Germination was pretty good and I moved some seedlings from one spot to another where nothing germinated. They didn’t even wilt after I moved them. Right now most of the stalks have tasseled and are being busily pollinated by bees and I’ve got 1-2 ears on the largest stalks. Pretty early by Colorado standards AND I’m able to grow corn on a very tiny suburban lot. I’ll do this again…unless I find out it’s GMO, which it’s not supposed to be.

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