“Another State of Mind” (Documentary)

Another State of Mind is a documentary film made in the summer of 1982 chronicling the adventure (and misadventure) of two punk bands — Social Distortion and Youth Brigade — as they embark on their first international tour. Along the way they meet up with another progressive punk band, Minor Threat, whom they hang out with at the Dischord house for about a week near the end of their ill-fated tour.

“AMEXBIX Risen: A History of Amebix” (Documentary)

Amebix were an English crust punk/heavy metal band. Formed as “The Band with No Name,” Amebix’s original run was from 1978 to 1987, during which time they released three EPs and two full-length LPs. The group has reunited as of 2008, and disbanded in November 2012.

By being one of the first bands to blend anarcho-punk and heavy metal music, Amebix are often cited as one of the key bands that helped to create the crust punk style.

Herbal Labna Cheese

Labna is a traditional soft cheese from the Middle East that is made with yogurt. We’ve made our Labna with kefir we cultured ourselves from local raw goat’s milk. Kefir is a cultured milk product that is similar to yogurt, but has a wider variety of micro-organisms.This cheese is very easy to make, in fact, my 5 year old has prepared the cheese for this article.

Kefir(or Yogurt)
Work Bowls
Linen cloth (do not use grocery store “cheesecloth” – a birdseye weave cloth diaper works well as does a white cloth napkin)
Fresh herbs of choice (chopped) Continue reading

Scented Pine Cones

With most of the United States experiencing a cold snap (even southern Florida!), and the holidays coming fast, I figured I’d pull out my easy old scented pine cones recipe. This is a simple and fun way to scent the air and the hearth! Great to do with kids too.


Pine cones
Essential oil blend of choice;
I like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, black pepper & ginger ..
Optional: basic white glue, cinnamon powder, fine glitter

Continue reading

Scented Jack O’Lanterns & Spicy Squash

As we count down the days andnights to All Hallows Eve I am happy to share one of my favorite annual “scentual” seasonal crafts!Scented Jack O’Lanterns & Spicy Squash:My Jack O’Lanterns not only look seasonal, but smell seasonal too! Having a pleasant, warm and luscious scented jack-o-lantern is easier than making pumpkin pie! This is also applicable for any kind of squash or melon you may be using as a Jack O’Lantern, not just pumpkins.First I have to say that I have learned not to cut the TOP out of the pumpkin to carve a Jack O’Lantern … cut the pumpkin open from the BOTTOM of what will be your face area and then you will never have the top cave in from decay and they last longer …. I personally love the Jack O’ Lanterns with the stem as the nose 🙂 Continue reading